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Unnatural Selection

This song is by The V-Town Have-Nots.

Survival of the fittest, this is nature's way: the strongest win, the weakest lose, the right to prevail
But how does this apply to our world today?
Is it intelligence that chooses if we win or fail?
What really separates us from what has gone before? Are we the same as those Neandertholic ones? NO
Do we still judge each other by who can be the best?
Or have we learned anything yet?
There's all this talk about wanting' brains over brawn. Well, I have yet to see the proof
I look around and I see all that's going' on
I wonder if anyone will ever see the truth
What people say and what they really want, I've found are not always the same. Eons of progress have yet to change the hunt. The strongest still wins the game

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