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Tales Of The Macabre

This song is by Usurper and appears on the album Necronemesis (2000).

This song is a cover of "Tales Of The Macabre" by Slaughter.
Listen to my tales of mayhem
That my mouth does spew
A horrid tale of gruesome hell
That's in the future for you

Twisting turning mind on fire
A fate you can't escape
Hear my tales of the macabre
Your fucking souls shall be raped

A few are willing to do my killing
A mindless zombie race
Laced with poison, packed with guns
I bear all swords and mace

Decapitation will not be swift
I'm gonna deal the wretched blow
Hades assassin, killer supreme
Lurk in the shadows of the crow

TALES OF THE MACABRE (repeat 4 times)

1-2,1-2 fukk you!

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