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Album by Usher.
  1. Intro-Lude 8701
  2. U Remind Me
  3. I Don't Know (featuring P. Diddy)
  4. Twork It Out
  5. U Got It Bad
  6. Pop Ya Collar (International bonus track)
  7. If I Want To
  8. I Can't Let U Go
  9. U Don't Have to Call
  10. Without U (Interlude)
  11. Can U Help Me
  12. How Do I Say
  13. Hottest Thing
  14. Good Ol' Ghetto
  15. U-Turn
  16. T.T.P. (International bonus track)
  17. Separated (International bonus track)
  18. U R the One (US and special edition track)
  19. U Remind Me (KC's Smooth Remix) (featuring Chemistry) (Japanese bonus track)
  20. Pop Ya Collar (G-Force Double Bass Flex) (Special edition track)
  21. U Remind Me (Remix) (featuring Method Man and Blu Cantrell) (Special edition track)
  22. U Got It Bad (Soulpower Remix) (Special edition track)
  23. U Got It Bad (Tee's Latin Remix) (Special edition track)
  24. U Got It Bad (Tee's Dub) (Special edition track)
  25. U-Turn (The Almighty Mix) (Special edition track)
  26. U Don't Have to Call (Pound Boys Boogie Vocal) (Special edition track)

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