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As a avid listener of Neofolk I have decided to write this post to give some good suggestions to people who want to experience new music or specifically Neofolk.

Death in June: But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? (1992) [1]

  • I think this is one of the originators of the Neofolk genre. Although Death In Junes album Brown Book came before with Neofolk songs in it. This album crystallized the genre with its jam packed and solid song list. Its hard to pick a favourite from this album. There is reasons to enjoy most of the songs here.

Death In June: Rose Clouds of Holocaust (1994) [2]

  • This was the album that got me interested in Death In June and Neofolk In general. The song Rose Clouds of Holocaust is one of the most iconic songs Death In June has produced. Although not all the songs here are of the highest quality. They are all still good.

Forseti: Erde (2004) [3]

  • Its more folkish then other Neofolk you can find. However you got here many catchy and iconic songs that cant be passed up. I love the mix of instruments here. Good work

Of The Wand & The Moon: Sonnenheim (2005) [4]

  • Very solid album all around. It has a definite change of pace from the Death In June albums listed above. There Lucifer album also includes noteworthy music. But Sonnenheim is there most solid effort all around .

Darkwood: Notwendfeuer (2006) [5]

  • This is quite an acoustical album in a few parts. However the melancholy and sadness come through well on this album. Its very good Neofolk.

Rome: Flowers from Exile (2009) [6]

  • I wasn't expecting Rome to impress me. But when I heard the song Swords To Rust - Hearts To Dust, I was sold... on this album at least. Its my opinion that Rome is best on the more energetic albums. There more depressing albums feel more stagnant and not as rhythmic for me. However this album is there best effort so far. It has a Spanish feel on many songs. Its a different feel then most Neofolk and so worth a listen.