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Hey guys, welcome to my first legit blog post! I remember when I made a few knock knock joke blogs in the past just to get badges, lol, but this one is for real.

Now, some of you (probably a very small number of you) have probably been wondering why I haven't been editing as frequently as I always do.

Well, there has been problems going on with LyricWiki for me lately. 3 weeks ago or so, I started experiencing freezes whenever I edited the site (unless I was on Monobook), so I switched to Monobook for a few weeks. The other day, I switched back to new wikia skin, and yay, it worked! But... what the...

The titles of pages are bolded, the recent changes are italicized, the lyrics are pushed farther down... what has happened here? And now I can't even access chat. Luckily, I've reported this to Sean, who is fixing it, hopefully.

On the bright side, at least I can edit again with the wikia skin. I hate Monobook. So much. Well anyway, now I'm trying to clear up some of my to-do list. So yeah, I'm done ranting. See you until my next blog post (which probably won't be anytime soon :P).

EDIT: Well, I'm back to editing with Monobook. Stupid glitch.