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I had originally meant to wait until I had finished adding NateWantsToBattle's albums to make this post. However, I had some more thoughts come up, and I have the feeling that I may not be able to remember everything by the time I get the last three albums up. Especially as I can't guarantee that I can consistently add one album a day.

In any case, I indeed have three albums left to add to Nate's page at the time of writing this. He has another in the works right now, and while there's no indication of a release date, I'm merely taking a guess that he will aim to release it on March 1st, 2018, following the pattern of Songs of Time and Sandcastle Kingdoms. Whatever the case, I'm definitely excited to hear more from Nate and will do what I can to get the lyrics up ASAP!

Apart from the albums, Nate also has plenty on songs that aren't on albums. I've read into what to do about those outside of just throwing them under the "Other Songs" header, and I intend to add those, as well, though I may need to do some organizational preparation first. Additionally, I took a look at the song already under the "Other Songs" header, and will be fixing that accordingly once I get the albums up.

Also want to say that it was kind of bugging me that the only thing in the way of upgrading the songs on Nate's page to Silver (therefore bringing the albums to Silver) was the lack of credit boxes. While I did have the thought that I could simply put the few credits I know and get by with that, I felt it would be...lacking. That is until I remembered that any info is helpful and that the best references as to what qualifies as what are the pages that already have credit boxes. Yeah, fair warning, I'm a bit slow to catch onto the obvious sometimes. Credits will be added to Nate's songs in the coming days, and the remaining albums will have them upon creation.

Phew. Now that all the Nate stuff out of the way, I'd like to say that I haven't abandoned the Polysics page! I merely got distracted by Nate's page. I also fell ill around that time, and didn't want to make inevitable mistakes with less energy and a language I'm not fluent in. In any case, I will definitely be back to Polysics in time, and hopefully make better improvements with what I've learned since working on Nate's page!

As far as plans after doing what I can for the above-discussed pages, my feelings are a bit mixed. I'm definitely going to continue helping out! It's simply a case of "one thing at a time" vs. "oh, this needs fixing" in a battle of not getting distracted and finishing what I start. Also, some of the things I've thought of to move into are, well...daunting projects. I do have the information to contribute, but there's a chance I could be getting in over my head if I'm not careful and don't prepare properly. I'm happy to help LW grow, but I don't want to leave a mess that someone else has to clean up.

Oh, wow. I didn't mean for this to be as long as it ended up. I congratulate you if you've managed to get this far. I did kind of drone on. In any case, it's great to be here, even if I am still making simple mistakes. Here's hoping I keep improving and helping out here! (Side note: I'll probably just make a to-do list in my sandbox to have an easier time keeping up with it.)