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  • Valaruko

    A new band addes

    October 4, 2013 by Valaruko

    So, after sometime, i added the lyrics of a (relatively) new band, they are good, but there is not much information about them (as far as i could search, their music is not even on itunes or amazon), but still they are very good, i kinda feel that they put a lot of feeling on all their songs....

    Hope you enjoy the lyrics and the songs too

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  • Valaruko

    Sad Alice Said

    April 23, 2013 by Valaruko

    Well, Sad Alice Said is a very good band, and it is relatively new (so much that they had only release an ep and some singles. I hope they release a full album soon), so i decided to create a page for them in this wikia. Hope all those who read the lyrics likes them as much as i do and i also hope that the lyrics encourage them to search for their music and at some point buy it.

    Also thanks a lot to the members of the band because they were very nice to provide me with the lyrics (i couldnt find them in any place). Whitout their help i couldnt have done it, so again THANKS Sad Alice Said.

    PD. please excuse my english, im not very good with this language

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