Missing Lyrics to C.A.D.'s "Bleeding On You"

Tzalmavet November 14, 2016 User blog:Tzalmavet

The band "Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty" has always been missing a lot of lyrics to their songs on every website I've seen. Corrections to any inaccuracies in these are scarce due to the band's obscurity, lack of official lyrics pages, and how difficult the vocalist is to understand.

Today I've been working a bit here and there trying to fix what I can, but I can only make out so many of the distorted vocals. This is especially clear in, where the most I made out of a verse in the middle was:

Something to my destiny // Something to my fate // Something dread that soon will end to // [indecipherable]

And I can't make out most of the spoken part at the end, either. I'm doing the best I can; but if anybody else can figure out precisely what the heck Maynard's supposed to be saying there, that'd be really great.

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