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What up

I'm Brad.

Noticed a distinct lack of information on the f*ckin' interwebs regarding some of the bigger South African artists, I know I can't be the only dude looking for lyrics so I'll be spending some time listening and copying over lyrics (as best I can)

At the moment, March 12'014, I'm working on:

-P.H. Fat

(3 albums, I'm still on Dinosaur Blood, some f*ckin' insane lyrical shit I know is only getting more and more insane as I 'progress through the years' of these dudes' fine tuning their art, fuck me, Happiness Machines is gonna be a tough one) A personal favorite these dudes bring that 'couldn't-give-a-fuck' madd shit

Think I'll try do Sedge Warbler's stuff afterwards, was pretty sure Sedge Warbler is DISCO?'s solo stuff and seeing the reference to The Paranormal Ox Man I guess it is.

Then I'll start with Mr. Watkin Tudor Jones' work,

AKA Watkin Tudor Jones Junior,

AKA Ninja,

AKA The Man Who Never Came Back,

AKA Max Normal,

AKA DJ Fuckinrad,

AKA The Constructus Corporation,

AKA AKA AKA this fuckin' dude's shit is gonna be intense, The Ziggurat album alone is a three hour story of pure insanity and absolute brilliance.

Anyway, kickass, please help by adding lyrics or correcting mine, talk later.