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  • Themisstastyofficial

    What up

    I'm still Brad

    update this side, lol, no one besides the gentleman who commented below seems to give a f*ck about my project, so it's taking a bit of time copying over the lyrics, especially when you too blazed to keep track of what you actually busy with

    I've got a massive graffiti piece I'm like 100 hours into; P.H. Fat lyrics; Research on Mr. Jones; as well as sorting out my own shit at home

    Anyway, getting there, pop out two or three songs every couple a days when I'm up to it


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  • Themisstastyofficial

    What up

    I'm Brad.

    Noticed a distinct lack of information on the f*ckin' interwebs regarding some of the bigger South African artists, I know I can't be the only dude looking for lyrics so I'll be spending some time listening and copying over lyrics (as best I can)

    At the moment, March 12'014, I'm working on:

    -P.H. Fat

    (3 albums, I'm still on Dinosaur Blood, some f*ckin' insane lyrical shit I know is only getting more and more insane as I 'progress through the years' of these dudes' fine tuning their art, fuck me, Happiness Machines is gonna be a tough one) A personal favorite these dudes bring that 'couldn't-give-a-fuck' madd shit

    Think I'll try do Sedge Warbler's stuff afterwards, was pretty sure Sedge Warbler is DISCO?'s solo stuff and seeing…

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