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Hello Wiki! Hello Blog! Hello community!

I just started out here. I will add some missing lyrics and help to correct others that I have access to.

But I also want to contribute my initial impression when trying to register and trying to add lyrics to this wiki. I use Linux, my desktop is KDE (or, more accurately, Plasma Desktop). KDE provides a nice browser called Konqueror. With Google adding more and more CAPTCHA stuff in the "I am not a robot" kind of protection – from spam or automated edits? – I hit a wall. Konqueror is not a supported browser by Google CAPTCHA. Not giving up so easily I had to use Firefox, which worked. I don't know about this protection stuff, but isn't it possible to make the CAPTCHA compatible with Konqueror? After all, the rendering engine is either KHTML or WebKit, the later one is also used by Apple in Safari. KHTML is what WebKit derived from. I don't understand how it can be so difficult to keep compatible to multiple browsers. Or is everyone using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera nowerdays? And everything else is just "an unsupported browser"? Even when its redering engine is exactly the same as the one from a supported browser?!?

Anway, the first dozen edits or so I always had to fill out the CAPTCHA and I started to think fear that this is never going to end. Luckily it did end. So I am now able to continue my work for the LyricsWiki from Konqueror. I just hope that it will stay that way.

So... happy listening to music everyone! Enjoy your work!