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  • Tandysd

    Linux, alternate browser

    August 12, 2017 by Tandysd

    Hello Wiki! Hello Blog! Hello community!

    I just started out here. I will add some missing lyrics and help to correct others that I have access to.

    But I also want to contribute my initial impression when trying to register and trying to add lyrics to this wiki. I use Linux, my desktop is KDE (or, more accurately, Plasma Desktop). KDE provides a nice browser called Konqueror. With Google adding more and more CAPTCHA stuff in the "I am not a robot" kind of protection – from spam or automated edits? – I hit a wall. Konqueror is not a supported browser by Google CAPTCHA. Not giving up so easily I had to use Firefox, which worked. I don't know about this protection stuff, but isn't it possible to make the CAPTCHA compatible with Konqueror? After …

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