• Rhonda D'Vine

    Hey. I finally finished my work on Sookee:Mortem & Makeup (2017) to get it to gold status. I'll go through the song pages again to update the outstanding information in the Song Info header on the discussion page with the entries that got filled in by bots (thanks! :))

    And this brings me to a specific part of the Song Info template: Does anyone remember/know what the "Audio status" is all about? I have looked through the help pages but found nothing there, which is kinda confusing ...

    Anyway, a response to my own last blog entry: I had a discussion with User:Senvaikis about it, and there were some points raised which I can live with. I still consider it a bit too quickly for it to get deleted, and the response from the person who deleted…

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  • Rhonda D'Vine


    November 21, 2016 by Rhonda D'Vine

    It seems the site changed in a way that is working against contributions. If one isn't able to put lyrics in within 24 hours the album page will get deleted, *and* with it the album art, *AND* with it also the album entry on the band page.

    Seriously? This is highly demotivating and telling people not to bother - unless you are coming up with lyrics. But then it doesn't matter that the rest of the songs are dead links, the page stays. This is a kind of hypocritical approach and doesn't leave people the chance to add things one after another because it will get deleted beforehand.

    I fear I will stop working on here if that trend continues and is confirmed by multiple admins of the site, and remove my cert/watch from all the pages I put it …

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  • Rhonda D'Vine

    First Album in Gold

    October 20, 2011 by Rhonda D'Vine

    After I did set out for getting Son Goku to gold, which I rather can postpone for now because thre is the question pending on whether the song Son Goku:An Jedem Morgen can be made gold at all, I at least got the album Son Goku:Crashkurs (2002) into gold state. I'm quite a bit pleased with that. :D

    I won't rest my head here and will continue on my journey to get even more albums into gold. Grossstadtgeflüster has three great albums that I love, and then there is also Clawfinger and of course Papermoon which I would like to get into better shape.

    At least for the next few weeks, if not months...

    Enjoy, Rhonda D'Vine 12:43, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Rhonda D'Vine

    While my first mission (sorry, German) that I did set out in here seems to be somewhat in good shape (haven't checked all the lyrics yet, and there are some lyrics still missing in their Christmas album), I did set out for a second mission now:

    Get Son Goku into Gold state

    I started this band's page originally, it is really a band worth digging into because of great lyrics, and given that they only produced a single album might make this task something that shouldn't be too hard to complete. Hopefully I will be able to do so in not too long time. And maybe I will nominate a song or two for LyricWiki:Song of the Day, but I guess I should try to get it translated first so that others can enjoy the great lyrics that Thomas D wrote for this pr…

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  • Rhonda D'Vine

    ... o.k., ganz die erste Mission ist es nicht. Aber die erste größere. Ich war richtig erschreckt, als ich gesehen habe, dass da kein einziges Album drin eingetragen war, dabei ist die Band so genial und feiert gerade ihr 20jähriges Jubiläum. Wenn das kein Grund ist sie mit einer vervollständigten LyricWiki-Seite zu beglücken, dann weiß ich auch nicht. ;)

    Ich hoffe, ich hab die Ausdauer dran zu bleiben, haben in der Zeit ja einiges geschrieben.

    Rhonda D'Vine 08:47, September 8, 2011 (UTC)

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