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  • Myco

    Crimson regret...

    December 3, 2009 by Myco

    I tried to kill the pain, But I brought so much more…

    I thought… When were you master of you own body? When could you care less of the world?... I stood up, and walked to my wardrobe too look in the mirror inside the door. What I saw disappointed me. I hoped to see something different than this body where I had felt all this pain, but unfortunately, what I saw was exactly the same. My long black hair fell strait past my face and ended at my wrists. In my hand I still had the piece of sharp mirror. When I turned it right, I could see my own reflection via the mirror I was facing. The mirror which gave me the terrible proof that I really existed. My pale face with the dark hair and bright blue eye look sad at me from the mirror. The ghostlik…

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  • Myco

    From the depths of my heart...~

    September 12, 2009 by Myco

    Sliently I closed the door, locked it and sighed.
    With my back against the door I slowly sank down to the ground and cried.
    Every time, every time again I needed to be confronted with the fact he totaly didn't saw me.
    But today was diffrent.
    I was andry.
    Very angry, with my father, with the girls from my class, whit HIM...
    But the person I was most angry with, was myself.
    Angry about how childish I was, about my stupid looks, about how I hated my hair and clothes, I hated how ugly I've became. And I hated myself because my father hated me.

    I went crasy whit al the emotions in my head, crasy from the pain in my heart that pressed against my body and what I could not deny.
    The pain that I could not touch or remove to a part negative engery outside my…

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