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    The Neverending Story

    November 29, 2011 by MusicAddict

    ..of music piracy and its outcome.

    Actually I wanted to push my achievement points and am a bit lazy at the moment and thought this is a topic where I can say something without looking too much up even though no one will ever read this.

    So, it's rather funny how there are not only but basically three sides (including sub-sides of course).

    1) Die-hard musicians who refuse any liberal solution to this problem and demand the hardest-ever-to-think-of-punishment for copying music. Something at least 95% of all people do. (I just assume that) Musicians who deny to accept the most obvious facts and reasons that can/will lead to piracy. No tolerance at all in this topic. Everyone is bad!

    2) Pragmatists who try to see it from a neutral aspect and expla…

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