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  • MarjonW

    The way I stumbled upon LyricWikia was by using MLyrics. MLyrics is an add-on for Nightingale, an open source media player that runs on Windows, Vista, Linux and Mac. The work we do here is done by the community for the community, so using an open source tool feels right for me. And MLyrics is a fantastic tool as well. Via MLyrics I was able to save the lyrics to almost my entire music collection with the click of a button.

    As you can see there are many settings, a.o. you can choose the lyrics sites of your choice:

    and the languages for which you want a translation to be displayed:

    The text in the right sidebar of the Nightingale media player runs along while the song plays (with or without a translation displayed):

    The mutlti-fetch option e…

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