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  • Majorkey

    GYKIT (Ruba W. Shanice.Ed Fordham Kevin Lyles. )

    Verse 1 Say goodbye to all those other guys Their just a waste of time Please don't waste ur time I'm the right guy

    Say goodbye to those tears you cried Just dry ur eyes No more tears @ night Leave it all behind

    Now just get in the car Cause we're going somewhere far

    Just leave ur phone at home Cause we need to be alone.

    (B Sec) I'm in love girl, I'm so in love girl, I'm just in love girl And this is true.

    Hook Girl, you know it's true (Uh, uh, uuh, I love you,) Yes, you know it's true (Uh, uh, uuh, I love you.)

    (Girl, you know it's true, My love is for you. Girl, you know it's true, My love, is for you.)

    Verse 2 When I'm looking at you I get all Hypnotized Like you're my kryptonite I'm so paralyz…

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