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Once upon a time... there were simply working Specialpages. But then, the move f*ed up everything! Grin Good for me, because this was the time when I started to care for them. Many of them provide me with a list of pages that all have the same "problem". This is the work I love! Smile

I started with Special:Deadendpages (DEP); this is done by now, TouchFix removed all the entries which were on the list not belonging there. However, this was before the achivements were enabled for LyricWiki, which is why I'm "only" from #2 to #10 now Sob *sniff*. That've been thousands(!) of edits! (The same for violet songs-category - dirty trick!) Grin Wink

Soon after DEP was done I searched for another Specialpage I could work on. Special:DoubleRedirects (DR) f. e. can be fixed via script now.

After I bothered Sean long enough in the IRC channel, Special:Linkstoredirects (LTR) was finally fixed from deleted pages Biggrin (it should be renamed into "LinksToRedirects", I formerly read "Link Store Directs") Blush.
Entries on that Specialpage were fixed automatically, but unfortunately the Gracenote namespace is in my way now. From run to run the number of accessible pages decreased, and now the list contains... TADA!: 1000 Gracenote pages (hah! who guessed that? Sigh)

So I'll look around for another Specialpage. Cool

Any ideas?