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Currently, LyricWiki has three page types: Artists, Album and Song. Let's focus on the first two, artists and albums. Every artist page isn't much more than the sum of all its albums' tracklistings, plus the {{ArtistHeader}} and the {{ArtistFooter}}. Once again, let's focus on the first. The album tracklistings - what are they, where do they come from? They are the same as the ones on the album pages and currently they are coded on the artist page. This has some advantages, but in my opinion there is a better way:

Let's establish the album sections by transcluding the album pages. Advantages:

  • Less code on artist pages, basically there's nothing else than the templates and some transclusion links
  • Tracklisting on album- and artistpage are always identical
  • Changes do only have to be applied once
  • The artist page could have some pretty icons for external links
  • Users do not have to bother with different styles.

I'll try to make an example on how it'll work. Follow my progress on Transclusion.