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It's only been one month and one week ago since I wrote I'd like to do so much, but all work was about to be delayed because I could not develop enough enthusiasm to implement all the great ideas (okay, at least I think they are great).

At least my last sentence ("I don't think I want to do anything besides maybe the last point" which is coding a special page for LyricWiki) has had some truth in it: soon after I made that post I launched a try to develop that special page. It's not been tested by the chief, but I've been working hours on that page. Now, one and a half months later, I proudly handed over almost 40,000 characters of code; that's it, my first special page for MediaWiki. I won't reveal what it is, but I hope it'll boost a certain area of LyricWiki! Yeah

So stay tuned here to be the first to know what it is all about. Smile

To be continued...