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I'd also still rather see this implemented, because it would save us (the whole community) from such a vast amount of simply unnecessary and dumbly named pages, ugly redirects and especially us admins from a whole lot of unblocking... Meanwhile I'm somewhat really p****d by those unnecessary datawaste Sigh. We all know that every single one of these pages stays in the database forever (!) once it was created; even if we delete the page, a version will be kept as history. What a waste of server storage! It makes our servers slow, clutters up the Special:RecentChanges page and makes all the pages look really ugly because these orphaned pages are added as "other songs", making the project looking poorly maintained twice by the amount and the names' quality of the pages in that section. Call me a hater but I hardly can stand this GN database. How incredibly bored one has to be when feeding titles like the mentioned ones into a database... It's absolutely appalling! Aaah, besides to writing this, listening to deadmau5 makes me feel a lot better already.