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@Senvaikis made it amply clear that he was pissed off with me about the number of edits he had to make to my lyrics entries. I can appreciate that because I really don't want to create more work than necessary for anyone. However, the help to which he directed me was not very helpful. I am learning more and more about the formatting requirements, however, as a new user the formatting and other requirements are not very visible, not so user freindly and the help is not too up to date. In fact, I had to look pretty hard to even find help. As I become more acclimated to Wikia I'd like to help out with maintaining and keeping the site. Meanwhile I have to ask that you bear with us poor saps who are muddling our way through. After all, we desire to provide the site with stuff that it doesn't have. We don't need to be dissuaded in our efforts or desire.

Thanks for your patience.