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I am so over the "shocking results" from this show that I can’t even get upset by the outcome. I enjoyed the performances, but nothing about it really comes as a surprise for me. So while I do not like Haley I say “good for her.” She has taken the expression “using what you’ve got to get what you want,” and put it into action. Last night reconfirmed for me that the voting is often more based on emotion, sentiment and whether the communications systems are working properly than the actual talent and persona of the performer (which actually are the elements of a true "idol.") And she has worked that sentiment like a pro. And for all of the conspiracy theory nuts, that’s not what this is all about so hold your horses.

Several weeks ago when the first intimations were made about the greater number of boys than girls and how the boys seemed to be more talented that the girls I believed was when the first hints of an "upset" started to emerge. In my estimation James seemed to be the most consistent performer, even if some fans did not like his style or some of his selections; however, neither James, nor any of the other contestants were perfect all season. Yet even on the weeks when the girls made it to the bottom three (namely Haley and Lauren) because they actually did have weak performances, there seemed to be little concern that a girl would actually be sent home. Jennifer complained several times about losing the girls during the competition. Based on her tears last night her words came back to bite he in a big way. You can't have it both ways. That's what happens when you talk too much and say the wrong stuff...or say nothing at all.

But generally speaking, all of the judges, not just Jennifer were largely for last night's results. For all intents and purposes, Randy is the senior judge on the panel and should have set a tone for this season’s judging. He should have also been the standard bearer. He Failed. When Steven challenged him and Jennifer on Wednesday night, Randy should have addressed it then and there. Because while they all have their own opinions, how dare Steven usurp anyone’s role and declare the other judges’ opinions invalid. But that would have never happened if Randy had set a tone earlier rather than trying to befriend the new judges. So he became weak and defenseless. Yet none of the judges, including Steven, had the balls to say what really needed to be said earlier on. Not only did the lame unhelpful comments and lazy ineffective judging of the past make the judges' recent harsher, more realistic criticism harder to take, it also galvanized the fan base. After all when it looks like you are picking on someone, people tend to offended and to get behind the perceived underdog - regardless of how good or bad the underdog actually is. I am sure that there are some people who do not like Haley, but were even more offended by the judges' critiques. Had they been more constructive, more honest, less pandering more consistent more clear in their criticism to everyone across the board from the very beginning then Jennifer and Randy would not have made Haley into a martyr on Wednesday night. It's like waiting until a child is grown then beginning to set rules and discipline - it's too little too late! But that’s what they did and that's what they get. I'm sure that's not what they expected, though. I’m not so sure that Steven was on board with the Casey save, or Pia being voted off, but he sure seemed to wrestle control of the show away from the others on Wednesday and seized any perception of power. And Steven, seeming more like an oversexed pedophilic senior citizen, did his part in helping Haley sell sex as part of her shtick. Makes it easier to understand why prostitution is the oldest profession on earth.

However, I have to give credit where credit is due - and that is to the Haley fans more than Haley herself. Ultimately the fans pick the winners, not the judges. The judges have some sway based on their commentary, but only a little. The judges squandered their influence because they lost their credibility. But the fans believed in their pick and voted accordingly. If she becomes a star it's because her fans support her. I happen to believe that some of the earlier cast-offs were far more talented, but that's just the way it goes.

Congrats to the final 3.