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  • Ilya Crols

    It's a shame that these have so little views on Youtube, they are in my opinion some of the greatest raps I've ever heard. And, more important: they are full of wit, facts and sense.

    I suggest you give them a try:

    The lyrics:


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  • Ilya Crols


    April 15, 2012 by Ilya Crols

    Hello World,

    I'm new to lyrics.wikia. I decided to join about three days ago because I couldn't stand the fact that the lyrics of some of my favourite songs didn't show up in my music player any longer. I'm really happy that I joined and I sure will add more lyrics, albums, bands/artists, etc.

    I'm an amateur musician, play the violin and the piano. I'm a great fan of classical music, folk, rock, metal, medieval-electronic and so much more! I just can't get enough of music. I'm also a movie fanatic and a fervent reader (in English, French, Dutch and German). Unfortunately I don't have the time to see every movie, to read every book and to listen to every song in the world, so I'm probably gonna die unsatisfied with the beauty of the human ima…

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