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  • Higgs1

    Lyric Wiki kinda sucks as a discography database (then good thing it's not meant to be one), so here's a rough layout of what I would consider an ideal discography database. Each first level bullet point represents an object type, and the second level bullet represents an property of that object with it's type. The first part of the list are basic data types I wanted to include for completeness, the useful types are below. Note that this isn't near finished, but I may come back and add to it later. Feel free to add suggestions.

    • String
    • Date
    • Now - object that represents the current date (e.g. ongoing...)
    • Date Range
      • From: Date
      • To: Date OR Now
    • Location
    • Image
    • URL
    • Duration - amount of time

    • Person
      • Name:Array of... - to keep track of name changes
        • Times: Date …

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