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Different songs have personalities suited for the lyrics. Here is a list of different examples:

  • Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo: The character in the song likes to be crazy and weird, and they like to have fun and make everyone jealous because they think they are the best. They are very confident and brave.
  • Word Up! by Little Mix: The character in the song is very sporty, and wants to make the world different. They are very confident to make everyone dance and have fun!
  • Headstrong by Trapt: The character in the song never gives up when it comes up to solving problems and helping others. They will never back down, even at the most dangerous of times.
  • Counting Stars by OneRepublic: The character in the song is a bit of a daydreamer and they are very great. They like everything about their life and they don't want too much.
  • Midnight Memories by One Direction: The character in the song is very fun and outgoing, because they are the person who likes to party hard, prank people, dance around, visit some interesting events, and have fun with their best friends.
  • Say Something by A Great Big World: The character in the song may be hurt about something, but they won't admit it to anyone. They may feel lonely, but that isn't true. They'll remember that there is always someone for them.
  • Just The Way I Am by Skye Sweetnam: The character in the song is the kind of person who doesn't care what others say about them. They accept themselves as the way they are.
  • Love Addict by Family Force 5: The character in the song is a very passionate person. When they fall in love, they REALLY fall in love, but they remind themselves to not get get carried away.
  • Selfie by The Chainsmokers: The character in the song likes to check on the Internet (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) They always hang out with their friends. They have lots of memorable memories so they like to take a picture of it.
  • Don't Push Me by Sweetbox: The character in the song is the kind of person who likes to make their own decisions. They will never let anyone tell them what to do. They are sometimes scared of commitment, but at least they try.
  • Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez: The song is about being crazy, and also proving to be mentally insane!
  • Me Too by Meghan Trainor: The character in the song shows their confidence in being themselves and not caring about what others think about them.
  • Alice Underground by Avril Lavigne: The character in the song tries something new, they tend to wander and it's uncomfortable, they try to get out but get stuck in something that might potentially end up opening something new in themselves. It might be terrifying, but they promise to get by and survive.
  • Victorious by Panic! At The Disco: The song is about just letting loose and forgetting about everything and for one night, just having fun!
  • Castle by Halsey: The character in the song is a strong person, trying to reach their goals, but someone is trying to let them down, but that doesn't stop them from believing in themselves!
  • Man On The Moon by R.E.M.: The character in the song is hopeful and full of positive outlook.
  • So What by Pink: Even though something bad has recently happened to the character in the song, they are still on the optimistic side of life.
  • Timber by Pitbull: The character in the song loves to dance. They work hard but they play hard too, so they'll do anything. They can do whatever they want.
  • Monster by Eminem: The character in the song is fun. They like to have fun, but there is always something that destroys the fun (letting themselves down, feeling nervous about school, etc.).
  • Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen: The character in the song is a party person who loves to have fun. Hanging out with friends is their favorite way to spend a weekend. No matter what they do, they're sure to be having the best time!
  • Dark Horse by Katy Perry: Somebody has made the character in the song hurt or embarrassed, and now they have all their hopes up and they are ready to fight the devil.
  • Happy by Pharrell Williams: The character in the song is always happy and hyper, no matter what and no matter where. Everyone adores them because they are very optimistic.