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  • Brennemeister

    So, there's a blog-deal here on lyricwiki, and I've become addicted to the badge program. This may mean I'm developing a bad case of thought-arrhea...

    Speaking of *arrheas, what's been up with the Canadian music scene for the last few years? While I personally can't remember when they came onto the scene, I know Canada was famous for exporting a number of talented music and comedy acts in the 1970s and early 80s. Names like Anne Murray (meh), Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Akroyd, and the awesome prog. rockers of Rush, just to name a few. How's the Canadian contribution to music been lately - two names stick out: Justin Bieber and Nickelback. Why, those two terrible music hacks are almost enough for the world to rightly demand the "donation" o…

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