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  • I live in Norrköping, Sweden
  • I was born on November 1
  • Ahnìon

    Since the topic is particularly pertinent for me at the moment, I thought I'd write a post on the importance of preserving valuable data—in this case rare lyrics.

    Back in 2005, a band I really liked released their second album. The band was called (some of you may know the brothers Wright from their more prominent past in .) Crucial to the story is that their experience with labels had not been great, and the bloom of digital communication made them see the opportunity for internet-based self-distribution.

    So far, so good. They produced the album themselves, launched a website with a store and got to hawking the fruit of their labours. I don't know how many albums they sold—I suspect they did not reach the wider audience they deserved, or I…

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