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I am not a huge synth pop fan, but back in the 80s they did some creative stuff with synthesizers. A-ha, anyway, was never a band who only used synthesizers. And they have this incredible singer in Morten Harket, so they could make use of demanding melodies. For more than 30 years now, Morten has been one of the singers I have admired the most. I love his voice, I love his singing, his vocal range is amazing.

The only complete album of them I own is East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon. I bought it back then. It's a rather acoustic album.

After starting to enjoy a-ha's MTV Unplugged album earlier this year, I went on a journey through all their albums, listening into all the songs. And I found lots of gems I didn't really know before. It was like going on time travel. They are huge in Germany, so I had been somehow aware of what they were doing over the years, but never really intensively so.

I was 13 when Take On Me conquered the world. They were part of my youth, although I was never a huge fan. And somehow they were always somewhere out there since then. And when they disbanded in 2010 it was like an era was over. It's strange how they somehow always were a part of the background of my life. Glad they are back.

Also, I've read Morten's autobiography in the meantime, and it's so interesting. Gave me so much respect for him as a human being. All three of them seem to be so grounded, fame never going to their heads. No scandals. No sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Just rock 'n roll.