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VIP (Can You Hear Me Now?)

This song is by Us3 and appears on the album Say What!? (2007).

Can you hear me now?
Can you feel me now?

She's a freak in NYC, hanging in the VIP
And you know she's trying to sleep with MVPs
To get into the biz but lemme tell you
I feel nice when I sip some water with some ice
So if you wanna hold me tonight
You don't have to ask me for the price

Can you hear me now?
Can you feel me now?

Getting in a club isn't hard to do
I can rock for the block party barbecue
I'm not another freak in the VIP
Trying to get free drinks with my tits
I'm unimpressed by material excess
So gimme the microphone and let your stereo check this

You wanna dance? Get on your feet
All I need is a band and I get on the beat
I feel fine watching you all waiting on the line
I don't need your fancy wine
To show that I know about life

Can you hear me now?
Can you feel me now?

Big willying in the VIP
I got a big willy, watch but it still ain't free
I got a really big whip for my PYT
But then it ran outta gas so it's bye, ha

I wanna floss like Biggie and party till I die
I won't stop till I drop, I'm a pig
You DIG the rhythm that I bit, what?
You wanna ask me to see ID? No
There goes the bartenders tip, bro

You don't know me, I'm a VIP
I just wanna big piece of the pie
Psyche, I get down 'cause I'm digging the sound
I wiggle around and rock to the rhythm
I found a way to move the crowd and it sounds divine
My nouns combine in ways to astound your mind

I got no time to fake, no cake to waste
Don't hate the way that I make breaks relate to words
And it seems absurd but still makes sense
I got much more to say and it's really intense

So yo, get ready to get up, get ready to listen
'Cause I just delivered a rhythm for your criticism
Yeah, I can't change who's saying my name
But player haters can't hate it
I ain't playing a game, what?

Can you hear me now?
Can you feel me now?


Written by:

Akil Baker; Adeline Petricien; Geoffrey Wilkinson

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