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ABC (Listen Up)

This song is by Us3 and appears on the album Say What!? (2007).

A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o
P q r s t u v w x y z

Akil boldly calculates dope elegant flows
Grooving hard improvising jazz, kicking lyrical modes
Never operating petty, questioning rap styles
Teaching unique vocabulary with Xenophiles

Yo, zeros, you xerox wonderful vivid unique tracks
Sling raps, quit poaching our nasty masterful
Lack-a-daisical killer jams, it's home grown fam
Everybody dance, chill, believe and

Love, let's overcome violent egos
Hate, hurts anyone, torturing equals
Peace, pretty easy after calling everyone

I hope you paid attention
'Cause I'm already done so check it

After birth comes death eventually
Fools gamble, happiness ignores jealousy
Kids lose melodies
Nations overemphasize penalties

Quietly ruining societies, tremendously
Us3 visited Wembley and xyz
It's just a gimmick, you're looking for the next hot beat
You got the fever; you needed a prescription of listening
Forget the cowbell 'cause I'm not Bruce Dickinson

All right I ran through the alphabet, better break it down a bit
Copycats kicking sloppy raps sound counterfeit
But there's more than one way to skin a cat
That's why I brought it back to where the beat is at
Third times the charm, so clap if you feel me black
We get the dough, like ray, I wanna hear me flat

'Cause that's the black key hidden in my harmony
The rhythm is a part of me embedded in my arteries
I double it up, I'm ready to rush and steadily bust it
So lemme discuss this ruckus while the critics get disgusted

It's a cliche but gimme the microphone and gimme some leeway
And give Us3 us free like we were cinque
With a dope philly flow off the top like a troupe
And something well wicked from the blokes in the UK

You put it all together with a suitable aesthetic
For a beautiful, unusual and musical poetic


Written by:

Akil Baker; Geoffrey Wilkinson

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