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Distant Sense of Random Menace (2004)Edit

Distant Sense of Random Menace
  1. Long Walk Home
  2. Keep It Relevant
  3. Come Around
  4. Heavy People
  5. Elektrik Shoks
  6. Media'd Out
  7. Urthy You'd be Better
  8. No Rider
  9. Natural Progression
  10. Distant Sense of Random Menace
  11. Sink In
  12. Whose Morals
  13. The Last Chance

The Signal (2007)Edit

Urthboy The Signal
The Signal
  1. The Signal
  2. Nothing I'd Rather Do (featuring Hau and Muph)
  3. To The Bank
  4. We Get Around
  5. The Clocks (featuring Mark Pearl)
  6. I Forgot To Say
  7. Over Before It Began (featuring Mia Dyson)
  8. The Wrong One (featuring Ozi Batla and The Tongue)
  9. Black Dog
  10. Hold Court (featuring Radical Son)
  11. Modern Day Folk
  12. Megaphone Stallone
  13. No Other (featuring Mark Pearl)
  14. Lightbulbs (Bonus Track)

Spitshine (2009)Edit

Urthboy - Spitshine
  1. Til they Snatch This Last Page
  2. Spitshine
  3. Served
  4. Ready to Go (featuring Nat Dunn)
  5. Hellsong
  6. Shruggin' (featuring Jane Tyrrell)
  7. Above the Canopy
  8. Don't Sideline Me (featuring Lior)
  9. Usher in the Cool (featuring Mark Pearl)
  10. Impossible Story
  11. Them Shackles (featuring Solo & Jane Tyrrell)
  12. Fight Fire (Featuring Nay & Mantra)
  13. 2000 and Whatever

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