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Weep In Silence

This song is by Uriah Heep and appears…

This song has been covered by Lana Lane under the title "Weep In Silence".
You who thought
Your eyes could tell no lies
So your life became a compromise
And it was you
Who had seen men dyin'
You heard their children cryin'
While their women weep in silence

And you who thought
You were so wise
Succeeded only in disguise
Now and then
You'd find a bridge to cross

Reach the other side
And you'd still be lost
Evaded by the sweet smell of life

And the people that you try
To show the way
Never believe you
Never believe you - no way

While your women weep in silence
Your women weep in silence
Women weep in silence


Written by:

Ken Hensley, John Wetton

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