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So This Is Paradise

This song is by Urgent and appears on the album Cast the First Stone (1985).

I hitched a ride to the wild side
See what I could see
Somethin' draws me to the fairground
It's like a woman to me

Old man sleepin' on the sidewalk
Empty bottle by his side
Everybody's out for number one
'N' some place to hide

I've been told
Your streets are paved with gold

So this is paradise
So this is paradise
So this is paradise

I called my mother on the phone today
Gave her phony news
This town is crazy I'm wastin' away
Wish I could tell her the truth

Landlord's breakin' down my window
Tell him I'm not home
There's just a body and a bottle of wine
With no place to go

All those dreams
Ain't what they seem

That's nice

There's a place they call the wild side
A long away from home
There's a bridge if you can find it
You gotta walk it alone

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