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Cast the First Stone (1985)Edit

Urgent - Cast The First Stone

Cast the First Stone

  1. Running Back
  2. Say Goodbye
  3. Cast the First Stone
  4. Love Can Make You Cry
  5. Pay Up
  6. Love Him or Leave Him
  7. Dedicated to Love
  8. Only You
  9. So This Is Paradise
  10. Tell The Boys No

Thinking Out Loud (1987)Edit

Urgent - Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

  1. Pain (Love Is a Victim)
  2. Shot in the Dark
  3. I Can't Take It No More
  4. If This Is Love
  5. Always Be There
  6. Running Back
  7. Extra Extra
  8. Turning the Knife
  9. Give 'Em Enough Rope
  10. Inch by Inch
  11. All Over the World

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Former members:

  • Michael Kehr - lead vocals, background vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Don Kehr - lead vocals, background vocals, piano, keyboards
  • Yul Vazquez - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Klyph Black - bass
  • Steve Kehr - drums, percussion, background vocals

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