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Tit for Tat

This song is by Upstate Escape and appears on the album The Balls Tight LP (2008).

You're dropping hints
Like bombs all around me
I've tried to duck 'em and dodge 'em
But they found me
They blow up like your eyes
And start to trickle
Down my shoulders
(So tell me, baby, is it over?)
Why do I always
Write songs in pairs?
One for the best
And one for the scary
Thought that I'm just watching you
From a distance

Well the macho side of me
Starts to take hold
And with a fake sense of apathy
Dares you to go
I showed you the door
And you walked away before I said
You've got me wondering why
They say "you let the bird out of its cage
'Cause if its really meant to be
It comes back, you see"

So, fly away
Fly away
And take the freedom that you crave
'Cause we're just one break up away
From a train wreck
I know where this goes
And I've grown just to hate this waiting

Now you're out every night
And freaking with guys
Who don't give a damn
And now neither do I
(I) Can't really say "I do" anymore
I guess I'll settle the score
So I match your pace
And go tit for tat
But each new face
Can't alter the fact
That I'm still out here watching you from a distance

Now I say, there's a reason why birds have a cage
'Cause if you let them out again
They'll sleep with your friends

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