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The Network

This song is by Upstate Escape and appears on the album The Balls Tight LP (2008).

Welcome to thrills
Politics and pills
You're running like a gerbil
'Round the Ivy League wheel
You loved it until
You got stuck with the bill
I know just how you feel

So don me now a three-piece suit
Enter the room
Sipping Vermuth
'Cause though competence
May be relevant
The soft skills and hard liquor
Always get the job quicker

Tic, tac, and toe
I stack the fat cats in a row
It's a one-man chit-chat show
So here we go

Wave and say "hello"
Just for the show
And backtrack to the abstract
When nothing's all you've got
And baby nothing's all I got
For you
But I can play the game smooth
From the handshake
Straight to the awkward pause
'Cause I'll be
Workin' through the network

It's all in your head
Racism is dead
See, even dogs are colorblind
Mr. Executive
But I can be your poster child
Yeah, I can make it worth your while
'Cause I still pledge allegiance
To the flag
And tools like me
For which it stands
Red, white, and blue
But in the truth, we're green on the inside

Tic, tac, and toe
I just shat on the status quo
So take back what you think you know
And let it go

Money can't bring happiness
But it might be a catalyst
So I won't go away until I'm through
Saying what you want me to
And taking what I need from you
I'm on the move
So get out of my way

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