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This song is by Upstate Escape and appears on the album The Balls Tight LP (2008).

What I wouldn't do to be the tea
In your cup
And everyday you'd drink me up
And what I wouldn't do to see
You wake up everyday
You see, the funny thing is you know how I feel
And yet instead of moving in for the kill
You just sit back fanning the flames
While you say that you don't know what you want

Well, you think I'm an idiot?
Girl you can't be serious
Still you're out kicking people
While they're down
But it always comes around
So why don't you just
Face your fears
Don't act like you don't know why you came here
Don't act like you don't know everybody goes
Straight to the one they know
They've got by a string to tangle up
Just because they can

What I wouldn't do to be the ink
In your pen
And know everything that you've written
And what I wouldn't do to see
That what you said doesn't match
I'd have the evidence at last to put you away
But unfortunately until that day
My defense isn't strong enough
To fight love
But I've been practicing hard

See, I've built up a wall for you
To keep you from getting through
Now you're poking a peephole to look in
When it's none of your business

Cutie drops in for a visit still pretendin
Like its perfectly normal, given the situation
But its tortuous to leave out "us" in us
Still, I do what I must
And this time you just are gonna have to
Face your fears

See, what I wouldn't do is ever get
Tangled with you again

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