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Play Dumb

This song is by Upstate Escape and appears on the album The Balls Tight LP (2008).

Every night all the zombies come alive
And they swarm the collegetowns
Chasing down grad students to bite
So here I am at four AM
With a textbook in my hand
I hear groans outside the window
So I open it
I wish I could have known then
What I know now somehow

So play dumb so the zombies will stay away
Smart ones go first when they eat your brain
So why study?

See, grad school makes for bigger brains
And I fell into their trap
'Cause they follow you to school
And eat you before you come back
And now it seems like such a shame
These years I've wasted
While they're harvesting my brain
I should have stayed home and had a beer
But it's too late, I fear

Conspiracy, and I'm trapped here inside
Now they've got me cornered
And there's nowhere to hide
Thought I was too cute to die
But they don't seem to mind

Watch out for the zombies!

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