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Everywhere the trees blossom,
sweet the birds endeavour,
all the bushes turn green,
get up you lads! Cheerful and fearless.

Already gone, pale with sorrow,
Cupid is approaching, warm and tender!
Quickly conquered is immediately
he who has not yet experienced the richness of love.

Most beautiful girl,
angry only in appearance,
says to me quite sharply "no",
but will probably be less angry after all.

"What do you desire, young man?
Wanting, what you won't find."

However, Cupid's way
is not tender
but tough.
How he makes a fool of every young man,
tames the girls,
who wish to be stubborn.

"I know what it means,
whatever bites you
what tears you,
that you know a lot about love,
are already converted to love,
internally burning with fire."

Because I am surely weaker,
Cupid conquers me.
I already feel the stab of the arrow,
heal me, otherwise I die.

"To make fun of me is what you want?
No, I will not submit to any man.
Like the Phoenix all alone,
I prefer to be lonely."