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Destroy Me

This song is by Unter Null and appears on the album The Failure Epiphany (2005).

(So alone...)

I know you despise me
But what can I do?
You said you once loved me
I took it as truth

I knew you'd destroy me
With your first hit
It's already done
I'm too scared to admit

The mindgames are timeless
The anguish won't end
I've tried to repair the things that won't mend
The heartbreak is caustic
The rancour lays deep
I thought I would fight the battle so steep

Destroy me (7x)

I know you resent me
With my every breath
I'm sorry, I'm trying
I'd fight to the death

I know you ignore me
To punish my past
To tarnish my future
I thought it would last

You'll take no more
I'll rise from it all
You'll see that I'm not who I was anymore
You can't tear me down
You can't bring me pain
I will never be the martyr again

Destroy me (12x)

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