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​60 Minutes

This song is by Unsung Zeros.

It always seems that when I need something
There's something to sing about
Life throws curves and for that I'm happy no doubt
Christmas is gone and summer is over
There's no longer time for a break but make no mistake
Make no mistake

I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm in love with the thought
That no matter what happens an hour from now
No one knows how for sure it works
Can, can you wait, now give it a minute to think
There's so much to live for, there's a reason to breath

Every time I wake up in the morning, I'm fraught with anxiety
Broken dreams scare me so I cannot sleep
But I've seen the light and put fear aside
So I can go on with my day 'cause you never know
What might come my way

Written by:

Rose Mark; William Ward