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Love To Know

This song is by Unrest and appears on the EP Isabel Bishop (1993).

Hello Mark, long time no see
I'll bet you don't remember me
So you know my name, surprise surprise
I thought I was the one girl you'd never recognize

By the way, have you seen him lately?
Could you tell me, how is he?

Haven't seen him for so long
Don't think of him when I'm alone
Time flies so fast, you missed a lot
It was two years the other night and I forgot

But it's easier to live apart
Than to live with the changes now

Hello Mark, it's nice to meet again
Although I'm not the same girl I was then
I changed a lot, I bet it shows
But is he still the same, I'll never ask you
But I'd love to know
I'd love to know
I'd love to know

Guess it's time to let the past die
Hello Mark, this is goodbye

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