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In My Head

This song is by Unknown Hinson and appears on the album Reloaded (2012).

In my head
Are many words best left unsaid
The banshees in my mind are better left unseen

The scary parts are way too dark for weaker hearts
The face that boys have dread are never far away

Gaze into my eyes
If you dare to have a look inside
But darling I can't guarantee
Your security

I mean you no harm
But if you should become alarmed
Baby at least you were warned of what you'll see
In my head

If you flirt with me
Just out of curiosity
You might meet a monstrosity
That's seldom ever shown

Feel free to explore
All the things behind this door
Oh there's just one thing more
My name is Unknown

In my head
Nightmares don't occur in bed
And the monsters all get fed
They never go without

The agony
Far outweighs the ecstasy
Come in and see what lives in my head
In my head
In my head

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