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Human Oddity

This song is by Unknown Hinson and appears on the album Reloaded (2012).

My mama disappeared and left me all alone
At ten years old I run away from home
And I met up with a carnival man
I seen money in his eyes as he shook my hand
He said, "Where did you get that big black har (hair)?
And them thick eyebrows and that evil stare?"
And them big sideburns, and them sharp fangs?"
For a boy your age you're the damndest thing
He said you got a certain quality
You're a visual atrocity
So how'd you like to work for me as my little human oddity?

I was raised in a side show, working as a geek
For 3 hots and a cot, 10 bucks a week
I primped heads off the chickens in the usual thing
Then I played my guitar and I started to sing
So the carnival man put my song in the act
Every night on the midway my tent was packed
He said you got a strange quality
You're a country western atrocity
But you saved my show from bankruptcy
You're my little human oddity

I was then discovered by a record man
To record my songs he gave me twenty grand
I had a new Cadillac, all the liquor I could drank
All the womerns I could love, I had money in the bank
And the carnival man was brutally slain
Some jealous punks had give the sheriff my name
I was convicted of the murder of the carnival man
I did 30 damn years in the federal can
For over a quarter century I wrote my country western dynasty
But, now I'm out I'm basically making up the years they stole from me
So you'll just have to deal with me
I'm your country western human oddity

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