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21 Chart-Toppers (1999)Edit

Unknown Hinson - 21 Chart-Toppers

21 Chart-Toppers

  1. You Ain't Callin' The Law
  2. I'll Soon Get My Revenge
  3. Get The Hell On
  4. It Don't Bother Me
  5. The Poem
  6. Baby
  7. When I Get Out
  8. Never Mind Your Male Hormones
  9. Put Down Your Picket Sign
  10. Love On Command
  11. Shimmy Shimmy Baby-Lou
  12. I'm The King
  13. Mona Marie
  14. Baby, Let's Play Rough
  15. Knock Down, Drag Out Love Life
  16. She's Alotta Woman
  17. I Ain't Afraid Of Your Husband
  18. Dirty Dog
  19. Black And Blue Christmas
  20. Don't Want No Trouble

The Future Is Unknown... (2000)Edit

Unknown Hinson - The Future Is Unknown...

The Future Is Unknown...

  1. I Ain't Afraid of Your Husband
  2. I Make Faces (When I Make Love)
  3. Polly Urethane
  4. Hippie Girl
  5. Your Man...
  6. Lingerie
  7. Venus Bound
  8. Foggy Windows
  9. I Cleaned Out a Room (In My Trailer for You)
  10. Man to Man
  11. Peace, Love and Hard Liquor
  12. Pregnant Again
  13. I Quit All That Mess
  14. Rock 'n' Roll Is Straight from Hell
  15. The Unknown Hinson Theme Song

Rock 'n' Roll Is Straight from Hell (2002)Edit

Unknown Hinson - Rock 'n' Roll Is Straight from Hell

Rock 'n' Roll Is Straight from Hell

  1. Silver Platter (Live)
  2. Don't Bite the Lips That Kiss You
  3. It Don't Bother Me
  4. Lingerie (Live)
  5. Love on Command
  6. Rock 'n' Roll Is Straight from Hell

Target Practice (2006)Edit

Unknown Hinson - Target Practice

Target Practice

  1. From Jail To Hell
  2. I Won't Live In Sin With You
  3. I Don't Take Dope
  4. Stalkin' The Wild She-Beast
  5. Sex Toy
  6. Ugly Things
  7. Barbie-Q
  8. Talk American
  9. Spendin' Life In Prison
  10. Satan In A Thong
  11. Run Like Hell
  12. Undead Blues
  13. Torture Town
  14. I've Been There
  15. Alkyhol Withdrawal
  16. The King Of Country Western Troubadours

Live & Undead (2008)Edit

Unknown Hinson - Live & Undead

Live & Undead

  1. Unknown Hinson Theme
  2. Silver Platter
  3. Peace, Love, And Hard Liquor
  4. You Ain't Callin' The Law
  5. Train Time/I Fought The Law
  6. Fish Camp Woman
  7. Rock 'N'Roll Is Straight From Hell
  8. Ugly Things
  9. Undead Blues
  10. I Ain't Afraid Of Your Husband
  11. Your Man...
  12. I Make Faces (When I Make Love)
  13. Polly Urethane
  14. Barbie-Q
  15. Alkyhol Withdrawal
  16. Lingerie
  17. Foggy Windows
  18. I Cleaned Out A Room (In My Trailer For You)
  19. Hippie Girl
  20. The King Of Country Western Troubadours

Reloaded (2012)Edit

Unknown Hinson - Reloaded


  1. Human Oddity
  2. Spittin' On My Grave
  3. Before Your Husband Gets Home
  4. In My Head
  5. Nothin' Goin' On Down There
  6. To Hell With What You Want
  7. Fetch It For Me
  8. Unlock This Bathroom Door
  9. Smart-Ass Yankee (In A Rebel Court)
  10. Robot Girl
  11. With His Money (And Your Love)
  12. Out On My Patio
  13. Sunday In The South

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Unknown Hinson is a performance name for Stuart Daniel Baker.

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