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Tight Buddie

This song is by Unknown Artist.

You think this buddie shits a fucking game?
(You think this buddis shits a fucking game)
Look at me, they call me buddie
Don't laugh bitch it ain't funny.
My lyrics ain't bad or cruddy
So you get back you kinda chubby.

Look I'm smokin' reffa
Sittin' in my creepa creepa
You like this shit buddie.
Somethin' bout shit we throwin' a party.

Blood of my blood
But buddie is my buddie
Buddie is us and we are them
We're gonna buy us
Some brand new kinda shiny rims
For a dolla twenty-five (or somethin' like that)
'Cause we're poor and we can't afford the new ones
So just go and buy some

(Yeah buddie, yeah buddie)

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