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Theater Queen (Jasmine)

This song is by Unknown Artist.

Hey, floor mopper,
Here's a show stopper.
I've got the stuff that you're looking for.

Listen to me singing,
I'm a goddess.

(Bow dow, she's a goddess)

I can dance and act,
And still be modest.

(Bow down, she is flawless)

When it comes to the fine arts,
Mister, I'm the finest.

(Hey! Hey! Hey!)

Around the theater,
I'm known as "Your Highness"

I belong upon that TV screen,
I'm the Theater Queen.

You have found your superstar.
(Theater Queen)
You didn't have to look to far.
(Theater Queen)
Listen to my perfect voice.
(Theater Queen)
You don't have any other choice.
(Theater Queen)

I'm the greatest thing you've ever seen!

I'm the Theater Queen!

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