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Hebrew Rap

This song is by Unknown Artist.

You know eh ervin eh? what well alot of people don't know what we are talking about because we talk in a different kind of ah... hebrew language, yeah that's true, maybe we should ah let these people out there know a little bit about what were sayin' let me ah kick it on the onein
She was movin on the dance floor just the other night shakin her lil tucas oh there it was a sight, now ya may not understand exactly what we sang so now we're gonna hip ya to a lil hebrew slang, well a tucas is a booty and a booty is a butt,
Here's some other jewish words so you will know a what is what. now people often ask us what exactly is a shitza she's a non jewish girl that stands out at a barmitzvah and people wanna know what we mean when we say shvutz well we can't really tell ya 'cause this is a kosher cuts
And ya may often wonder what exactly is a putz, itz a little corny jerk who doesn't have any gutz, shtoming happens in da backseat of your fathers cheverolae I think you get the piont there's nothin' more we need to say

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