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Cat Eyes

This song is by Unknown Artist.

It's been quite a while since we last talked
When you come knocking at my door
Tears flooding, you're sorry, little face
And I know who, therefore

Everybody's giving you everything
But you were never satisfied
Couldn't keep yourself from wanting more
No matter how you try

You can't keep what isn't yours and

Oh you sorrow
Lose me but what hurts the most
'Cause this is what you've done to me
To think I loved you both
Oh you crumble
When I tell you how it goes
He's the kind that never stays
Belive me I should know

Now you tell me you're through your life
You've always been a little sad
And you always felt you have to take
What you didn't have

Now you say (say)
The pain you feel
Chose you just how much you've lost
But you just have to do what you have to do
No matter what the cost

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